Kohenoor Protein Grass Seeds 10KG Bag

Kohenoor Protein Grass is milk more grass seeds. It is a winter forage variety that helps to produce more milk and meat production
  • For One Acre
Sowing Season: From Oct Mid to December Mid
Number of Cuts: 5-8 (Depends of sowing date, if sown late the cuts will reduce)
Quantity Per Bag: 10 Kg
Seed For Area: 1 Acre (8-Kanal)
Product Code: P-0313
Brand: Safa Seeds
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Protein Grass Catelouge
Rs. 17,800
Noorani Seeds is forage research company. We are continuesly researching on advance forage varieties that helps to reduce the cost and increase the milk/meat production. We are working on a Forage Blend named Kohenoor Protein Grass, originated by Germany from last 4 years.

Kohenoor Protein Grass is blend of different forages. Including grasses, legumes and clovers. It is a catch crop and best solution to reduce dairy/cattle farming feed cost. It has a *commulative crude protein of 38% (calculated CP of all fodders in a bunch). Kohenoor Protein grass produces excellent pasture that has highest diegstiblity for cattle that resolve the common digestive issues of cows and bufellows in Pakistan. 

Farmers Reviews of Protein Grass Seeds:

Dairy Farmer Naveed- Makki Dairy Farm (Milk Vendor of Nestle Pakistan) Khanqa Dogran:


Dairy Farmer Shahzad Alam Bhatti - Dariy District Hafizabad

Dairy, Cattle & Goat Farmers Across Pakistan:

Wazirabad Farmer - Faisal Cheema Review of Protein Grass:

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Specifications of Kohenoor Protein Grass Seeds 10KG Bag

Kohenoor Alfalfa
Purity 99%
Germination 90% min
Leaf Trifolium
Weather Tolerance Winter Hardness, and Fog Tolorance
Number of Cuts 8 -10 cuts
Variety Proteinn
Origin Germany
Brand Noorani Seeds
Product of Noorani Seeds